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The potion is a True Class A FET based Compressor

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Buzz Audio Potion

500 Series FET-Compressor  
The potion is a True Class A FET based Compressor designed to fit the API 500 VPR Series rack  frames. The potion will suit those looking for a audio compressor with "attitude" and is  particularly useful in rock, hip hop and modern music styles where a somewhat aggressive character  adds to the energy of the track. Drums, electric guitars, vocals and the mix bus will all benefit  from the potion's rich harmonic sound - potion - the harmonic energizer!  
Although the potion uses a FET (Field Effect Transistor) as the gain reduction element (like a well  known classic limiter), the control circuitry (or side chain) is a completely new Buzz Audio design  with some real innovative techniques to achieve an original compression characteristic. Included in  this new circuit is an element called 'RTR' (Release Time Reduction). This circuit automatically  alters the Release time setting of the compressor depending on the attack depth and prevents the  compressor from over shooting and undesirable "pumping" when using faster Attack settings. A front  panel LED indicates when this is function is active.  


  • API 500VPR Series rack module format - plug in and play 
  • Advanced analogue technology - not a clone or copy of products from the past 
  • Powerful fully discrete hi-bias, wide bandwidth, differential Class A amplifiers 
  • Passive transformer coupled input, transformer coupled output 
  • Side chain insert point with monitor 
  • FET gain reduction element for harmonic character 
  • VERY fast attack 
  • Unique RTR Release Time Reduction circuit 
  • May be linked to another potion for stereo operation, more info 
  • Switchable 10 segment VU meter 
  • Frequency Response with no gain reduction = 17Hz to 57kHz, +/- 1.5dB  
  • Maximum Input Level = +25dBu 
  • Maximum Output Level = +27dBu  
  • THD (Measured at 0dBu input, no gain reduction) = 100Hz = 0.15%, 1kHz = 0.02%, 10kHz = 0.015%  
  • Residual Noise = -80dB A wtg, 150ohm source Z, make up Gain 0dB  
  • Make up Gain Range = 0dB to +17dB  
  • Maximum Available Gain Reduction = 40dB  
  • Main Audio Input Impedance = 13k ohms, bal or unbal  
  • Main Output Impedance = 100 ohms bal or unbal  
  • Sidechain Max Input/Output Levels = +22dBu 


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BuzzAudio Potion / Serie 500

BuzzAudio Potion / Serie 500

The potion is a True Class A FET based Compressor

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